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Q.  We are fund raisers and regularly put on events to raise & collect money for good causes could your company help us?.

A.  Yes, we would be happy to discuss with you the kind of entertainment event/s that would enhance your fundraising ventures.


Q.  I am a wedding organiser and I am regularly asked if I can provide clients with that ‘little something different’ to enhance a reception party, have I come to the right place?.

A.  Yes indeed, here at Chelsea productions we appreciate that couples these days are looking for that extra touch of magic to make their very special day as memorable as possible, for both themselves and their guests, whether it be a single act or a full blown show, or simply a fairground ride to put a smile on the faces of your wedding celebrators, we’re the people to talk to. 



Q.  I run a small theatre group, & feel that we are somewhat lacking in presentation can we seek your advise in this area?.

A.  Yes a fresh viewpoint is sometimes all that is needed to turn a situating around and that’s what we Chelsea Productions are happy to offer. 


Q.  Can we come to you for advice about putting on entertainment at our annual village fair?

A.  Yes, be it face painting or stalls, rides or entertainers, Chelsea productions would be delighted to help.


Q.  Can Chelsea Productions advise me on a good circus show line-up, and also give advice on lighting and music?

A.  Yes, we have a vast knowledge base in this field of entertainment and are confident that we can assist you fully in this area.

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