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An evening with a funny Man.

The inspiration for this one man  (plus one woman) show is the life and experience of David Konyot ,  His comedy credentials include early days as a stand up in the crucible of the night club circuit  ,the starring role in the west end hit “Pyjama Tops”,  producing comedy and circus shows in Germany ,Norway , France  and Italy , starting his own musical comedy act, winning awards at circus festivals in Poland, Hungary and the prestigious golden clown festival in Palermo


The hour long show has been designed to please all ages It includes musical comedy, (he plays 14 instruments including the little known 'British Bagpipe') sight gags not normally seen outside a circus ring (but no water or mess) and the perennial battle with authority  (The one woman) all combining  to make “An Evening With A Funny Man” a joy for all .

To book an  "An Evening With" call 07774 753116. or see Contact Us.

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