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At Chelsea Productions we have access to a wide range of consultants who can help with all aspects of performance in live entertainment.

We have 'Act Doctors' who can recommend improvements to all types of acts with regard to Music, Lighting, Costumes, etc, we have Costume Designers and makers, For Circus Directors we have producers who can develop a complete show using your own acts or acts we can recommend.

This is a new approach, whether you work in Circus, Theatre, Cabaret, or any other form of live entertainment everyone can benefit from a different viewpoint, we offer that service. We are a consultancy & NOT a booking agency, we can however recommend certain types of acts or artistes for particular shows.

We are a new venture with the aim of bringing a modern approach to Circus, Theatre and all forms of Live Entertainment.
We have access to top professionals in all fields and disciplines who can give advice and help to both up and coming performers and seasoned artists as well as established shows.
Costume design and manufacture, Music choice, both advice and score writing. Lighting expertise and most important help in personal presentation and performance.
Our fees are individually priced based on the level of service required, please contact us for a quotation, or if you have a question, we’ll endeavor to do our very best to assist you,  we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Our Services

·          Presentation (Guidance - Advice)

·          Performance (Guidance - Advice)

·          Production Management

·          Production Assistance

·          Act Doctors

·          Circus

·          Theatre

·          Cabaret

·          Lighting

·          Costume design

·          Costume Makers

·          Music

·          Musicians

·          Props and prop designers

·          Make up

·          Make up suppliers 

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